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Care For your Well-being

Negative ION & Far Infrared heat therapeutic products

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Far Infrared light has shown immense health benefits, from pain relief to reducing inflammation, improve blood circulation and increase immunity 

Why it is good for you

Health National Accreditations

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Japan Association of Preventive Medicine for adults disease

Negative ION

Negative ions are naturally found in the outdoor environment and are created by electrostatic phenomena.

They can be found in abundance near waterfalls, beaches, and mountain springs. The elevated mood and well-being we experience when visiting these places can be attributed to these microscopic ions. Tourmaline crystals generate negative ions, ie. crystals naturally emit electric charges under external pressure.

Far Infrared 

Far Infrared Heat therapy is one of several innovative non-intrusive health therapies that are growing in prominence for the treatment of chronic and deliberating pain. The therapy uses certain wavelengths of light that are delivered to sites of the body that have injuries. In other words, Far-infrared heat therapy uses far-infrared radiation, which refers to a subdivision of the electromagnetic spectrum. Healthy Wave use gemstones ( such as tourmaline) to generate the far-infrared heat.

Negative ION and Far Infrared benefits:

  • Help regulate sleep patterns and mood

  • Improve skin problem

  • Penetrate deep into our body to warm up organs and push out toxins from cells

  • Stimulate blood circulation and improve elasticity of blood vessels

  • Promote muscle recovery from tension and fatigue especially to relieve stiffness

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Compression Socks/Tights

Improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and relax calf muscle

Good for heart patients, diabetic, anyone with varicose vein, blood clot

Teachers and nurses who stand for long hours

Mattress of combined of negative ION and far infrared therapy

The therapeutic 6cm-thick-mattress gives you negative ION and far infrared therapy while sleeping. 

You can set up warming probe temperature at 4 levels and its warmth comfort or relax muscles of your body wherever the probe is. 

The electron sensor is used to detect the strength of negative ION. 

Free shipping within Singapore

High Quality as it can last for at least 20 years

The bundle include a warming probe, a electron sensor, a carrier and a cover

Worldwide Delivery

Our products are used by over 50,000 customers world-wide since 1985

Our products include compression sock, mattress and support suits for man and woman.

The support suits are made using quality functional material with MICA processing. Its design helps straighten the back in a natural way, maintains a correct posture, helps to improve blood circulation and presents a more beautiful body for living an active life.

Support Suits used

quality functional material and MICA processing

Toray.Nylon Yarn fabric is constituted of v-shaped thin fibers, which is high in ventilation and high in water absorption due to its synthetic nature.

Energy mesh adopts the use of excellent water and moisture absorbent, quick drying toray.nylon yarn as well as very elastic and durable lycra materials. It keeps you feel cool.

MICA processing use "active mineral water" in the weaving process, which is a processing technique beneficial to the human body.

Attend our products talk or visit our showroom now to try our products!




I suffered from stage 1 prostate cancer. After I slept on the mattress, I was much more energetic the next day. One year later I was cured after I went through the radiation treatment.

Mrs Chng, 82


I used to take pain killers to relieve pain in my legs and back everyday for over 10 years.  At times, I still felt painful even I took increased dosage of pain killers. Now I used the warming probe (comes with the mattress) to warm my legs and back for 1 hour  or so daily to lessen the pain. It really helps me.

Zi Yang


My 7-year-old grandnephew's foot was having eczama and after wearing the compression sock every night for a few weeks, the eczama is gone!



I often fell sick at least once a month and my flu would take at least a week to recover when I was in my thirties. After using the therapeautic mattress for 1 year, which is combined of Negative ION and Far Infrared, I hardly fall sick now.

When I wore the support suit, I was revitalised and energetic throughout the day.



I was diagnosed with Kidney problem. After I slept on the mattress, I do not need to go for dialysis and still feel energetic. 

After I have my third kidney for 3 years, my body was getting weaker. After I slept on the mattress, I can now lead a normal life. And I am able to drive my car from KL to Singapore often.

I had intense lower back pain when I was in my late forties. Doctor told me to go for  spine surgery but at 50% risk of becoming paralysed. Instead of going for surgery, I start to wear the support suits every day and sleep on the mattress for negative ION and far infrared therapy of my back. My back is no longer painful in the past 20 years.

Your Questions Answered

What If I don’t know I can use the products as I am on medication or treatment?

Our products are meant to improve your health. It does not cause harm to your body.

If you are cautious, you may arrange with us and visit our showroom and office. We will share with you the suitable products best help you and teach you how to use the products suitable to your body condition.

We also have nurses, TCM physicians and heart specialist use our products.

What if I don’t get any results

The company has established since 1985 and we have much testimonials of how the products help our members. Our products are used in the long term for better results.

Are all products safe?

Yes. The Japan-made mattress is approved by Japan Association of Preventive Medicine for adults disease. The  USA-made compression sock is approved by FDA. The design of the support suits are patented.

How much will I have to pay to be the member or distributor?

You become a distributor when you buy our products for at least S$1600. There will be no maintenance fee and you could place order anytime.

Free delivery for any order of the mattress within Singapore. We also can make arrangement to ship the products for overseas orders.

How to find out more about the products?

You can attend our product talks or try our products in our showroom.

How to know if this website isn’t a scam

Each member has a distributor number.

You can contact us to accompany you to visit our showroom in Singapore. If you are in overseas, you can make video call to view our products or attend our products talk online.