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Care For your Well-being

Organic LingZhi Delivered Monthly

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Organic Farm in Taiwan

Completely Organic

Shuanghor Lingzhi farm is established in 1987 in Taiwan and it is the world most professional biggest farm. It also has a Lingzhi Science Museum.

All products produced by Shaunghor are pure 100% organic!

Yung Kien Factory approved by International Organisation for Standarisation ( ISO 9001:2000)

Health National Accreditations

Health Food Accreditation with Immuno-Regulatory Funtions (No:A00003) and Liver Protection Functions (No:A00015)

Halal Certificate from The Chinese Muslim Association

Accreditation from Japan Health Food Association (JHFA)

Major Components


Modulate immunity

Reduce cholesterol

Promote disaggregating of thrombi

Improve elasticity of blood vessels

Increase mobility of blood flow

Enhance liver function ( detoxification)

Alleviate allergic conditions

Macromolecular Polysaccharides

Fortify immune defence

Remove free radicals

Promote regeneration of liver cells

strengthen the physique


Kelly Johnson


I was asthmatic and had went to hospital for oxygen everyday in the past 7 years. After taking Lingzhi coffee 5 sachets daily for 2 months, I no longer have asthma for a year! Many of my friends have also started to take Lingzhi coffee now as it contains 1.5 times oxygen to improve our respiratory system, it also contains 100% coffee bean from Brazil and coconut oil. Coffee will not turn sour if you drink it later. Besides, coconut oil will not be oxidized and confirm no trans fat! Most 3-in-1 coffee creamer are Palm oil, which needs to add in hydrogen for longer shelf life so trans fat is formed! Most 3-in-1 coffee also is made up of 20% coffee bean and 80% mixture therefore needs to add in coffee flavoring and preservatives.

Drink Lingzhi coffee is drinking coffee and not chemical!

Miss Marilyn, 52


I used to take 3 cups of 3-in-1 coffee daily and had constipation for 8 years. After taking Lingzhi coffee, my constipation and migraine improved and body slim down 1.2kg.



My gums started to bleed very badly even I am only in my late 30s. After using Lingzhi tooth paste for just 3 months, my gums no longer bleed!  Shuanghor tooth paste is popular as it does not contain fluoride. The tooth paste contains Lingzhi and it helps to prevent dental plague, kill bacteria and improve gums blood flow.



My sister's teeth were slightly shaking. After taking Shuanghor "Vitaking" just for a few weeks, her teeth now stand solid on my gum. Vitaking collagen (hydrolyzed) strengthen nerves and cells and our bone structure. It can 1) replenish collagen for our dermis layer of our skin 2) repair and produce cartilage of joint and soft bones 3) help rapid healing of wound and provide material to build up human body as it contains 19 types of amino acids 4)strengthen cardiovascular function to prevent heart attack as it contains lemon verbena which is a natural herb relieving inflammation, providing extra heart energy ATP to heart, etc. 

Kelly Johnson


I have gastric pain for many years because of stress. When in stress, our adrenal gland produces cortisol which irritates excessive gastric acid causing gastric ulcer and it kills our Natural Killer Cells ( such as Cancer Killer Cells in our body). After taking 2 packet of Shuanghor Soya Protein powder daily for 1 month, I no longer have gastric pain! 

Shuanghor Soya Protein powder is the only brand contains 8 types of amino acids of 22 types amino acides we need daily. Human being needs 22 types of amino acides. 14 non-essential amino acids produced by our liver and another 8 types need to be obtained from our food daily. It contains lecithin which is tonic food for our brain nerve cell. It is free from Purine. It increases red blood cells and repair wounds for rapid recovery.

Your Questions Answered

What If I don’t know what to take as I am on mediation ?

Lingzhi is considered as food and it is safe to consume with food and medication. Or you may consider to consume it 2 hours after medications.

If you are cautious, you may arrange with us and visit Shuanghor office. We will share with you the suitable products best help you.

As a distributor, you may login to the E-Learning at www.shuanghor.com.my. There is professional nutritionist answer your enquiries of the products.

What if I don’t get any results

Shuanghor has established since 1989 and we have much testimonials of how the products help our members. The products are recommended case-by-case consultation.

Are all products organic?

Yes. All the Shuanghor products are organic.

How much will I have to pay to be the member or distributor?

You need to pay S$10 and submit the membership application form in Shuanghor office. Once approved, you are able to purchase any products at member price in the office or online. The membership is renewable yearly. There will be no maintenance fee and you could place order anytime.

Free delivery for any order of 2 boxes of Lingzhi coffee monthly or above S$200.

How to find out more about the products?

Shuanghor issues a product magazine quarterly and every member is able to download it from Shuanghor website.

How to know if this website isn’t a scam

Each member has a distributor number.

You can make inquiry @1800-8468107 or visit Shuanghor customer centre at 12 TANNERY ROAD#06-05HB CENTRE 1 SINGAPORE (347722).